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UK Blockchain Week 2021

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About Blockchain Week

Blockchain Week is an exclusive event in the United Kingdom that brings together the brightest minds in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. What makes Blockchain Week the perfect summit?

  1. We gather the world's brightest thought leaders, researchers and developers.
  2. Our network allows you to meet and connect with cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  3. Our talks breed innovation and inspire others to get involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Summit Speakers

Meet our industry experts who are giving talks at the summit.

blokchain week speaker benjamin

Benjamin Shelts

Partnership Director at ArtBlock

Benjamin has been involved with blockchain for over a decade. He is passionate about creative ownership and copyright law. Currently he is focusing on establishing ArtBlock as a leader in NFT ownership and distribution.

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blokchain week speaker thomas

Thomas Corby

General Manager at FinCoins

Thomas has worked in the finance sector for over 30 years. He believes blockchain and cryptocurrency has the potential to change the way money and currency is used and regulated.

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blokchain week speaker jennifer

Jennifer Schmidt

Product Manager at TokenShift

Having led the development of some of the largest cryptocurrency initiatives in recent years, Jennifer is experienced in taking an idea from it's conception to the real world. Jennifer is most interested in how blockchain can be incorporated into big business.

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blokchain week speaker monica

Monica Lewinski

Marketing Lead at Marble Studios

Monica has 20+ years of tech marketing experience. She understands trends of a rapidly evolving technology and can easily communicate complex ideas in simple ways.

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blokchain week speaker andre

Andre Straten

Founder of Cryptotip

Andre is an expert in payment solutions. Having consulted for some of the worlds largest financial institutions, Andrea has recently created one of the most recent crypto/finance initiatives.

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blokchain week speaker stephan

Stephan Kennedy

Partner at RipeX

Stephan is one of the industry's leading experts in blockchain and decentralised app development. With a gaming background, Stephan is implementing blockchain in new and exciting ways.

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Summit Agenda

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8:00 AM

Guest Registration

9:30 AM

Kickoff - Whats Changed?

Quick talk about the latest Cryptocurrency trends, the state of digital assets, using AI in Crypto trading, global fiat currencies and brief overview of the event.
10:30 AM

Opening Keynote - How Blockchain is impacting and changing the world.

In this opening keynote, we talk about the applications of DEFI and NFTs. How these technologies will reshape finance and verification of documents.
10:45 AM

Coffee & Snack Break

11:00 AM

Panel - Regulation Changes In Blockchain

Discuss what's changed as far as regulations, laws and instutions. See what challenges lie ahead for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
12:00 NOON

Break For Lunch

1:00 PM

Ethereum 2.0 & Staking

How ETH is changing the landscape in DEFI. The use of staking as a way to incentivize and pay interest to supporters.
2:00 PM

Blockchains Impact Outside Of Finance

More details about NFTs and how they will reshape our future.
2:45 PM

Panel Discussion - Banking & Crypto

Discussions about CBDC. Will mainstream banks adopt cryptocurrency?
3:30 PM

The Future Of Alt Coins

Which alt coins show the most promise? Talks of up and coming alt coins that are sparking attention.
4:30 PM

Fireside Chat - Chad Lebinsky

NFT art - Is there value? Or is it the next pump and dump scheme.
5:15 PM

Bitcoin - The Next Gold 2.0?

Talks about how Bitcoin Is behaving as a store of value and its potential as a future global digital currency. Upgrades to BTC including the lightning network.
6:00 PM

Upcoming Announcments & Closing

6:30 PM

Drinks & Networking


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